Glóðafeykir frá Halakoti



Glóðafeykir frá Halakoti is an amazing stallion. He is expressive with extreme gaits of incredible movement and suppleness. He has a constant stamina and a great positive energy. He is easy to handle and shows exemplary behaviour in the stables. Glóðafeykir charms all of those who get to know him, whether they are the every day every day caretakers, professional riders or occasional visitors.

Daníel Jónsson who rode Glóðafeykir at the 2015 World Championships loves him and emphasises that “His most important aspects are his character, his good temper and his clear gaits.”

At Pur Cheval we have watched Glóðafeykir’s continuous growth from being a young aspiring stallion, starting as a great fourgaiter and developing into a fully performing five gaiter. He has not only amazed us by doing great on the breeding assessment track; his first grand performance was at Landsmót 2011, where he became 4th in B-Class, with a score of 8.87. One year later at Landsmót 2012, he won the B-Class with a total score of 9.0. He has also gotten excellent results in T1 with scores going up to 7.78.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for Glóðafeykir as he will not disappear from the Icelandic Horse scene and will keep participating in events in the years to come.

Today, Glóðafeykir is at the Huilerie in France where he is available for covering until the end of March 2017.

In 2017, Glóðafeykir and his breeder, Svanhvít Kristjánsdóttir, will participate to the Icehorse Eindhoven in the Netherlands on the 18th of March and to the Flyinge World Toelt Flyinge in Sweden on the 14th and 15th of April!

Glóðafeykir will be located and available for coverings at Anna Forsman’s in Perstorp, Sweden, from April 1st to July 1st. For more information:

After July 1st and until the beginning of October, Glóðafeykir will be at Lena Ferlund and Guðni Ágústsson’s in Oviken, Sweden. For more information:

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World Champion Breeding Assessment 2015
  • Height: 1.42m
  • Ridden abilities: 9.04
  • Conformation: 8.31
  • BLUP: 116


  • Sire : Rökkvi frá Hálaugsstöðum (8.34)
    Grandsire : Otur frá Sauðárkróki (8.37)
  • Dam : Glóð frá Grjóteyri (8.01)
    Damsire : Funi frá Skálá (8.40)
  • Eager
  • Enthusiastic
  • Cooperative
  • High action
  • Long strides
  • Supple

Conformation: 8.31

  • Head: 8.5
  • Neck- Withers- Shoulders: 8.5
  • Back and Croup: 9.5
  • Proportions: 8.5
  • Legs: 7.5
  • Joints: 8.5
  • Hooves: 8
  • Mane and Tail: 7.5

Ridden abilities: 9.04

  • Tölt: 9.5
  • Trot: 9.5
  • Pace: 8.5
  • Gallop: 8.5
  • Spirit: 9.5
  • General impression: 9
  • Walk: 7.5
  • Slow tölt: 8.5
  • Canter: 8

Breeding assessment history

Glóðafeykir was first shown at 4 years old as a fourgaiter. He then went straight to first price with a score of 8.01.

At five years old, he is shown twice, still as a fourgaiter, and his total score climbed up to 8.34 including six 9.0.

Throughout the next years, Einar and Svanhvít, his breeders and trainers have the feeling that he can do even better. In the spring of 2015 Glóðafeykir is shown for the first time as a fivegaiter and catches the world’s attention with a total score of 8.75 including four 9.5, one 9 and an 8.5 for pace! He then gets the chance to go to the World Championships like his four owners, Einar, Svanhvít, Ólafur and Ingibjörg have been dreaming of. Later that summer, as most of you know, he wins the title of World Champion in the 7 years and older category.
Glóðafeykir is now fully owned by Pur Cheval.

Glóðafeykir, Jóhann Skúlason and Svanhvít Kristjánsdóttir at the World Toelt 2016.

Major performances

Winner of World Toelt 2016 – By vote of the audience & judges
Breeding assessment World Champion 2015 – Score: 8.74
Winner of B-Class Landsmót 2012 – Score: 9.00
Fourth place B-Class Landsmót 2011 – Score: 8.87
Gæðingamót Sleipnis 2011 – T1 – Score: 7.43
Íþróttamót Sleipnis 2011 – T1 – Score: 7.78


Today, Glóðafeykir has 205 offsprings born between 2008 and 2016.

In spite of their young age, it is possible to observe distinctive traits in most of them. They are in general calm, attentive, cooperative and show beautiful movement.

As of yet, due to the young age of most his offsprings, only two mares by Glóðafeykir have been shown for breeding. Both of them received first prize grades: Lóa frá Halakoti, who is fourgaited, got the total score of 8,06 with four 9! Huldumær frá Halakoti, a fivegaited mare got the total score of 8,12 with very even marks for all gaits.

At Pur Cheval, we have a few young horses by Glóðafeykir. Those who are old enough and in training are planned to be shown later in 2016 and 2017. We cannot wait to see the scores they will get!


Kormákur frá Miðhrauni – IS2011137727


Ársól de la Huilerie – FR2010245014


Copar de la Huilerie -FR2012145015 


Gustur frá Miðhrauni – IS2012137727


Lóa frá Halakoti – IS2009282465


Cvika de la Huilerie – FR2012245016