The Øder Cup – A tribute to Einar Øder Magnússon

The ØDER CUP is a special price given by Ingibjörg Kristjánsdóttir and Ólafur Ólafsson to commemorate a dear
friend Einar Øder Magnússon, who died far too early.

To so many Einar was a great mentor in the Icelandic riding, he was a role model and an inspirational force. He
was at the forefront of the Icelandic equestrianism from early on and contributed a great deal to where it stands
today by relentlessly travelling the world, introducing the Icelandic Horse and teaching the Icelandic riding.
Einar was a great mentor in building up the breeding of Ingibjörg and Ólafur and he was a great resource when
it came to planning the renovations of their facilities, always ready to take a good discussion about how to do it
in the best possible manner.

International in his thinking, Einar introduced so many to the world of horsemanship. Whether it be the Spanish
School of Riding in Austria, the Portuguese Equestrian Art and its famous Lusitano horses or the Cadre Noir de
Saumeur in France, he was endlessly interested and could talk about it for hours on end. He travelled with
Ingibjörg and Ólafur to different Equestrian farms in Europe, to look, evaluate and learn.

To Einar the Icelandic riding was all about the deep connection between horse and rider; the natural beauty of
the horse, freedom of flow and movement, and the delicate balance between the untamed force within the
horse and its willingness to respect and work with the rider.
With that in mind it seems only natural that the ØDER CUP, will be given to the couple who represent the
highest level of elegance and beauty in the Icelandic riding at major horse events; a professional and prudent
rider together with his well presented, well prepared and skilled horse.

The ØDER CUP can be handed out at
any prominent event for the Icelandic horses like Landsmót, World Championships, Nordic Championships, MidEuropean Championships or at the ØDER ARENA in France.

The selection of the winner of the ØDER CUP shall be made solely by the judges at the given event.
The Øder Cup is an honorary price that is awarded for a limited time and has to be returned in order to pass it
on to the next winner. It will travel between countries, as Einar did himself, and be a special price in different
tournaments. In addition to the Øder Cup the winner will receive an engraved silver bracelet and a framed
photo of the art work to keep. The holder each time shall return the Cup to Pur Cheval before 1 May each year.
A list of those who receive the honour of the ØDER CUP will be kept and displayed at the Pur Cheval website.

The piece is a sculpture made by the jewellery makers Sigurður Ingi Bjarnason and Katla Guðmundsdóttir at
Sign. Sigurður Ingi and Katla are well known in Iceland for their creativity and artistic talent. The goal of
Ingibjörg and Ólafur was to make a beautiful piece of art, which represents Einar and his legacy and which
everyone would be proud to display it in the best spot of their home. The collaboration with the couple was particularly pleasing and inspiring. They both knew Einar well and put
their hearts into the creative process, with this stunning outcome!

The ØDER CUP was presented and awarded for the first time at the competition at the ØDER ARENA at Pur
Cheval in August 2021.

Reykjavík in July 2022,
Pur Cheval
Ingibjörg Kristjánsdóttir & Ólafur Ólafsson

Winners of the ØDER Cup


Elias Thorhallsson was the first winner of the Øder Cup at Pur Cheval’s 2021 competition in September 2021 at the Øder Arena in France.