Can I replace my children’s pony by an Icelandic Horse?

Icelandic Horses tend to look like a bigger version of the Shetland pony. Although this resemblance is sometimes striking when we look at them, we do not find it in the saddle. Of course the Icelandic Horse is calm, gentle and will in general do anything its rider asks. Yet, it is also much stronger than a small pony and riders are often surprised by the fact that they do not feel like it is that small once they ride it. It walks faster than many “big horses” and can keep the same energy for hours.
Therefore, if you are looking to replace your children’s pony by an Icelandic, be sure to find a real family horse. You should also plan for an adult to train it from time to time so that it will not lose his qualities and good habits. Then, your Icelandic will allow your kids to bloom! They will learn an incredible amount of things (about horses and themselves) and you will be able to keep the horse all its life. No need to replace it by a bigger horse as it fits with people of all sizes and ages.