The Pur Cheval facilities

T o have two breeding farms, in France and in Iceland, allows us to benefit from the Icelandic genetic and to import performant horses in France in order to renew the genetic of the French based horses. Great advantage to breed competition and sport horses with high performance.

Two breeding farms to optimize the genetic and the training of our horses.

Pur Cheval in France

The Huilerie facility is about 160 km south of Paris, in the Loiret (Breteau-45, France). Ideally located, easily accessible from Paris, the park of Lamotte Beuvron (FFE-French Equestrian Federation), and the French West Coast.
The Huilerie is an ancient farm, entirely renovated and adapted to the Icelandic traditions and dedicated to the Icelandic horses: Numerous fields, stalls with individual paddock access, a spa room with an aquatic walker and a solarium, quality training paddock and a pace track. It is also scheduled to build a covered working area and an oval competition track.

Pur Cheval in Iceland

The Miðhraun breeding farm is located on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, on the west coast of Iceland. It has been in Ingibjörg’s family for generations, and it has hundreds of hectares as well as a stable. This facility allows easy access to the best available stallions, as well as rich and diversified lands for the horses. Our broodmares and our foals are under the good care of Eyjólfur Gísli Garðarson. The training of the young horses takes place at our partner’s, Svana and Einar, training center in the south of Iceland.