The Øder Cup – A tribute to Einar Øder Magnússon

The ØDER CUP is an honorary price given by the founders of Pur Cheval, Ingibjörg Kristjánsdóttir and Ólafur Ólafsson, to commemorate their
friend Einar Øder Magnússon.

The prize is awarded every year to the pair that represents the highest level of elegance and beauty in the Icelandic riding; a professional and prudent rider together with his well-presented, well-prepared and skilled horse. It’s the pair which shows a noteworthy and consistent performance in terms of expertise as well as presentation throughout the event.

The ØDER CUP is awarded for a period of one year and travels between Landsmót in Iceland and the World Championships. The vision of Ingibjörg and Ólafur was that the ØDER CUP would be a piece of art, which would represent Einar and his legacy AND be an inspiration to you the winner, to continue on his or her path of excellence.
To so many Einar was a great mentor in the Icelandic riding, he was a role model and an inspirational force. He was at the forefront of the Icelandic equestrianism from early on and contributed a great deal to where it stands today by relentlessly travelling the world, introducing the Icelandic Horse and teaching the Icelandic riding.
Einar was influential in building up the Pur Cheval breeding line and he was a great resource when it came to planning the renovations of the equestrian facilities at Pur Cheval in France.
To Einar the Icelandic riding was about the deep connection between horse and rider; the natural beauty of the horse, freedom of flow and movement, and the delicate balance between the untamed force within the horse and its willingness to respect and work with the rider. In fact, Einar viewed the Icelandic riding as a form of art.
The ØDER CUP is a sculpture made of silver, designed and crafted by the jewellery makers Katla Guðmundsdóttir and Sigurður Ingi Bjarnason at Sign ehf. Katla and Sigurður Ingi are well known in Iceland for their creativity and artistic talent. They knew Einar well and put their hearts into the creative process, with this stunning outcome!
The ØDER CUP was first presented and awarded at the ØDER ARENA in France 2021. It was the first World Ranking competition held in France, organized and hosted by the Pur Cheval Team.
A list of all holders of the ØDER CUP are displayed and updated every year here below.
Again, we congratulate the winners for their outstanding achievement.

August 2023

Ólafur Ólafson & Ingibjörg Kristjánsdóttir
Pur Cheval

Winners of the ØDER Cup


Elias Thorhallsson and his mare Rauðhetta frá Þúfu were the first winners of the Øder Cup at Pur Cheval’s 2021 competition in September 2021 at the Øder Arena in France.

Björg Ingólfsdóttir & Kjuði frá Dýrfinnustöðum

The Øder Cup was awarded for the second time at Landsmót in Iceland in July 2022.
The winners are Björg Ingólfsdóttir, an outstanding young rider and her partner Kjuði frá Dýrfinnustöðum.
On behalf of all the Pur Cheval Team we congratulate the pair for their excellent performance and wish them a continuing success in many competitions to come.