The Icelandic Horse Experts
The Icelandic horse is loyal but independent, powerful but calm, original but easy going.
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Pur Cheval
We have two breeding facilities, one in Iceland, and the other one in France. Preserving the amazing qualities of the Icelandic horse is our main concern, and our experience allows us to see the best in every one and each of our horses.
Our horses
We breed Icelandic horses with excellent origins in order to insure beautiful gaits, good temper, spirit.
The Icelandic Horse
Our world still holds hidden treasures awaiting to be discovered: the Icelandic horse is one of them. Isolated from cross breeding for more than a 1000 years, this entirely pure breed has developed unique qualities.
«I have finally found a real partner in the Icelandic horse. Its character is a mix of kindness and liveliness. I rediscovered the pleasure and feeling of freedom a horse’s speed provides.»