The breed

W as it an elf of a troll that came with all these colours? In any case, Icelandic horses show both very classical coat colours (bay, chestnut, pinto…) and very original ones (dun, roan…). All of them as well as all patterns (socks, head patterns, dorsal stripes…) are accepted in the studbook. On top of its basic coat colour diversity, some Icelandic horse feel magical as their colour will change with seasons as well as their hair length: short hair in the summer but up to 10cm long in the winter!

The Icelandic horse is tough

The Icelandic horse was the horse of Vikings. Used to freedom and independent life for centuries, the Icelandic finds its strength in nature. It does not fear rain or wind. In contrary to other pure breeds, it is slightly greedy and very resistant. The Icelandic horse is very social both towards other horses and humans and will live of fresh water and grass alongside its owner.

A small folkloric anecdote: You will easily be able to carry a filled glass in your hand without spilling a drop while riding tölt !

The Icelandic horse is versatile

The Icelandic horse is versatile and can be used for long trips,  Randonnée, TREC, carriage driving, dressage, pony-games and gait competitions. Its generosity and sociability make the Icelandic horse a unique and fantastic companion adapting to many riding disciplines. Its exceptional longevity will allow you to start your partnership slowly but surely.

And who knows? Maybe one day you or your children will participate to the Icelandic riding French Championships?

The Icelandic horse is comfortable

Thanks to its original gaits, the Icelandic horse provides its rider with incredible comfort.

Tölt in particular, will make you feel like you are floating, carried like in a club chair. This gait allows for an incredible speed range, allowing new or occasional riders to discover it in complete security and confort.

A small folkloric anecdote: You will easily be able to carry a filled glass in your hand without spilling a drop while riding in tölt!

The Icelandic horse has a unique temper

Its kindness mixed with its gait performance is the incredible combination that conquers many riders. Like its country of origine, the Icelandic horse is like fire under ice.

Icelandic horses can display all coat colours and patterns

Its renowned build and sweetness make it feel like a live stuffed animal anyone would want to cuddle. Easygoing and attentive during grooming sessions or ground work, it reveals itself to be very willing and generous under the saddle.

Its energy and great mentality will take you on incredibles journeys.

Adapted equipment for better comfort and performance

Simple but specific material exists to help and take advantage of your Icelandic horse’s abilities. The bridle is compose of a simple bit with simple cheeks pieces and a single buckle adjusting the height on top of the headpiece. Nosebands are usually separate and the kind most commonly used is the drop noseband (attached below the bit).
The saddle has long flaps and rather big knee-rolls to help maintain the leg good position, the seat is comfortable for both the rider and the horse. The saddle is made to support good balance and weight distribution on the horse’s back.