Can the icelandic horse really carry the weight of an adult?

Charlotta answers: The Icelandic horse is so small. Can it really carry the weight of an adult?

Yes, it can. Of course you have many different models of horses but a horse that is in good proportions and with a good carriage on the hind legs is strong enough to carry an adult without problem; even if the rider does not have the best balance.
The balance of the equipage is essential to this question: a horse that is 1,40 m at the withers with great balance can carry more weight than a horse that is 1,50 m at the withers with bad balance.
Also a rider that weighs 65 kg, is stiff and has very bad balance will be heavier than a rider that is 85 kg, supple and has great balance.
In the end I do not think that the weight of the rider is what affects the horse the most.


Charlotta and two of our horses: Sveipur and Hylur.

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