First competition of 2015

As some of you know last weekend we brought three horses to Germany; Eyður, Hylur and Brá, for our first competition of the year!

Jennifer competed as a Young Rider with Eyður. They started with their first-ever fivegait (F2) together where everything went well and all gaits were shown nicely but they only managed one pace transition which was a shame.

The tölt (T3) went as expected. This was Eyður’s first tölt test and the pair of them did good and ended in the young rider category’s third place with 5,50.

Jennifer and Eyður also took part in their first pace test (PP1) with a good start, but showed only one transition. They will definitely do bette next!

Berglind and Brá were competing together for the first time and nervousness took a toll on their performance. In the preliminary of the tölt (T3) the speed changes could have been better but the final went well with the two of them ending in third position with 5.95!

Then came the fourgait (V2) which did not really go as expected. A lot of things were learnt during this test and it will go great for the pair when they gain more experience!

Charlotta and Hylur had their first start in tölt (T1) and got the grade of 6.20 in the preliminary round. She was happy about that even though she wished she had had more power in her presentation.

She was very happy to be in second position in the final where they got 6.56.

In their second ever fourgait (V2) together all the gaits went well. The walk was a little bit stressed in the preliminary but the final was better and the pair scored 6.09 and ended up in third position.

The three of us are now looking forward to our next competition and determined to train even harder to get better results !

We would like to thank Dieter Becker and his family and staff for welcoming us to his farm and allowing us to have a great time and meet a great many very nice people!

Here are a few photos of the weekend.


Ready for the trip!


Best friends but only for the weekend.


Brá before the T3


Jennifer and Eyður before the fivegait.




Grenzlandhof’s outside oval track.


The inside track.


Charlotta and Hylur in the T1 finals.


Ayla Marquenie and Núpur and Charlotta and Hylur – second position in T1


Berglind and Brá in the T3 finals.