My horse has never “tölted” by itself. Will it ever tölt?

Yes of course! 99% of horses that do not show the gait by themselves in the field are actually excellent tölt horses. The only difference between them and a horse that tölts by itself is that you will have to teach it. Once it will have learnt it, your horse will tölt just as easily as it trots and gallops.
Beware! The fact that we need to teach the horse to tölt does absolutely not mean that the gait is not innate to it but only that this particular horse needs a little help to find it. If you use those same training methods on a horse of another breed, it will never tölt.
You should also know that, even after learning to tölt, your horse may only ever tölt while ridden but never on its own.

In general, we teach the horse the difference between the aids for each gait before they turn five years old.


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