3 day course in June

The Pur Cheval team is organising a 3 day Icelandic Riding course at the Huilerie, Pur Cheval’s farm in France, the 17th, 18th and 19th of June.

The program:

Thursday, June 16th:

Arrival of guests at the Chenauderie guesthouse around 6pm, welcome dinner at the guesthouse.

Each guest will have their own bedroom with a double bed and a private bathroom and toilet.

Friday, June 17th:

Breakfast at the guesthouse, private lesson with Charlotta Gripenstam (high level rider, she is part of the French National team and has competed at the MEM in 2014 and the World Championships in 2015), lunch, private lesson with Charlotta, dinner.

Saturday, June 18th:

Breakfast at the guesthouse, private lesson with Charlotta, tour of the surroundings, dinner.

Sunday, June 19th:

Breakfast at the guesthouse, private lesson with Charlotta, lunch, visit of a vineyard and of Sancerre (village famous for its white wine, primarily Sauvignon blanc), dinner at the guesthouse.

Monday, June 20th:

Breakfast at the guesthouse and departure of the guests.

The program can be modified at the demand of the participants.
Every meal will be prepared by a French Chef with fresh products from the area.

All good level riders are welcome. Even if you have never ridden and Icelandic Horse, it will be a great opportunity to learn to tölt, which we are sure you will love!

For all information or to register, do not hesitate on contacting us.