A pure breed, a five-gaited horse … The Icelandic horse is a friendly family horse which can easily adapt to a wide range of riders.

Below are the testimonials of children and adults who have discovered the magic of tölt with Pur Cheval.
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While tölting on my Icelandic horse I had the feeling that I was floating. Such fluidity!

  • A real coup de Coeur despite its small size ! I actually made the trip to their homeland in order to get to know the breed better. It was an unforgettable journey full of magical moments like the transhumance, escorting the wild horses, seeing all those manes and coat colours mixed together. The pleasure of feeling accepted by the horse with such kindness, for long hours on the saddle and trying their five distinctive gaits. A mind-blowing animal, just like its home country, 100 percent natural and which can be trusted with all riders from 7 to 77 years old !

    Sophie Thalmann
    Sophie Thalmann Rider and TV Presenter for Equidia
  • Agile and manageable Being a cameraman on horseback for the TV channel Equidia, I was blown away by the stability, the agility and the manageability of this little horse. I discovered the tölt, a surprisingly comfortable gait.  The feelings of lightness and safety were a true a revelation! I was feeling so at ease that I even filmed back to front on the horse while in tölt! This horse is as wonderful as the Icelandic people and their magnificent country!

    Mathieu PARRET
    Mathieu PARRET Tour and trekking Rider
  • A big-hearted horse At first the tölt was disturbing for a vault rider like me, used to horses standing at an average of 1.80m high, but we quickly got used to it: the first strides of tölt were absolutely incredible. And what speed! The Icelandic horse is a big-hearted, affectionate horse. A real partner and friend for a new riding experience !

    Rémy HOMBECQ
    Rémy HOMBECQ National French Team Vaulting Rider
  • An affectionate horse The Icelandic Horse is super nice. It doesn’t fidget at grooming and likes big hugs. While riding outside, it isn’t afraid of anything and goes very fast!

    Louise 8 year old rider
  • New riding sensations and safety I discovered a horse with different riding sensations. We feel comfort and safety on its back. I noticed several adult riders regaining their confidence in the saddle thanks to the Icelandic horses. Being able to find a horse’s speed pleasurable again. As a riding teacher, it’s also a new riding way with new techniques to learn. Why not aiming at competing at an Icelandic equestrian show?

    Antoine Rabouan
    Antoine Rabouan Riding Teacher
  • A floating feeling Tölting on my Icelandic horse, I felt like I was floating. Such fluidity! On a serene horse, I feel confident.

    Anna Beginner, Icelandic Horse owner
  • Pleasure end freedom As I fell badly a few years ago, it is difficult for me to relax while riding. I finally found a real partner in the Icelandic horse. Its character is a mix of kindness and liveliness. I rediscovered the pleasure and feeling of freedom a horse’s speed provides. I breath and am learning how to be happy again on a horse. A huge thank you to Erpur for his beautiful energy !

    Armelle Adult rider, Galop 4
  • I discovered the Icelandic Horse a year ago. We were looking for a small horse for my daughter and we had found a mare, Skjona, at Pur Cheval. We went to meet her with Lilie, 11 years old. It was love at first sight. This 5 year old mare, just broken in, was calm, attentive and, at the same time, full of energy. Neither Lilie nor me knew about icelandic riding or about the particular gaits of this little but kind-hearted horse. Meeting Skjona was our first contact with the icelandic horse. During this visit at Pur Cheval, I myself made an unexpected acquaintance: Svala, a 17 year old mare Charlotta made me ride in order to follow Lilie and Skjona on our ride out. I have been a rider for over 30 years and up until then had tried and practised dressage, jumping, horse driving etc... That day, when Svala took me into the forest in fast tölt, it felt like a second birth as a rider. I had never felt such a feeling of speed and comfort. Incredible!! I felt like I was on a flying carpet! Svala's energy, willingness and kindness were astonishing. I immediately fell in love!! Following this day, Skjona came to live with us and, a few months ago, Svala joined her...!

    Anne Claire Larcenet
    Anne Claire Larcenet Veterinary
  • Such an enthusiastic and comfortable horse!

    It’s incredible how steady the tölt is. I no longer apprehend riding outside, instead I now enjoy it and feel safe. What a joy to share a family ride in tölt with my 8 years old daughter!

    Stéphanie Bourmalo
    Stéphanie Bourmalo Ex show jumping and dressage rider, Galop 7