The Øder Arena is open !

The new ØDER ARENA; an oval and pace track ensemble is now formally open and the first sports competition has already taken place. Great riders and horses from Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, France and Iceland competed on Saturday and they were followed by the up and coming young and talented generation of french riders on Sunday.
The construction of the ØDER ARENA is an important step in our mission at Pur Cheval to create a beautiful and professional environment for the Icelandic Horse, where the wellbeing of man and horse goes hand in hand.
It was also a great opportunity to pay a tribute to Einar Øder Magnússon, a long time friend who sadly passed away in 2015. He and his wife Svanhvít Kristjánsdóttir, were frequent visitors at the Huilerie Farm during the infant years of Pur Cheval and provided us with valuable professional support and insight into the world of the Icelandic Horse.  Einar was a wonderful friend, a great inspiration and very important to the community of the Icelandic Horse as a whole.  We are very proud to be able to honour his memory by naming the ØDER ARENA after him.
Pur Cheval was established in 2010, following an extensive renovation of a classic French farm, where we turned old farm buildings from the beginning of last century into modern facility stables with a paddock, lounge ring and hydro-therapy horse spa.  With this new addition we hope to have created wholistic facilities, enabling our team to better practice in a professional manner as trainers and competitors. Furthermore the ØDER ARENA is the first legal size sports arena for the Icelandic Horse in France and therefore of great importance not only to Pur Cheval, but also to the French horse community as a whole.
The Pur Cheval Team hopes to host many competitions, clinics and events at the ØDER ARENA in the years to come.
On behalf of Pur Cheval we thank you all who have made this event possible; the riders and judges for their enthusiasm and great sportsmanship, our team who has been tirelessly preparing for weeks and months and our friends and family who gave us a helping hand in the last preparations before the big day.  ÍÍÍHAAAA !