Klöpp frá Miðhrauni

Klöpp frá Miðhrauni (IS2009237723) is a five-gaited mare born in Iceland in 2009 and imported into France in 2016.

She is a lovely mare with beautiful, clear and easy gaits. She already knows a lot but needs a little more training to develop fully. Her tölt is clear with movements, she trots very nicely and her gallop and pace are well developed. Klöpp knows all the basic dressage exercises.

Klöpp has competed and gotten good results in Iceland with a young rider (17-21 years old).

She is scared of nothing and has a great working mentality. She is very positive, likes to learn and goes out alone or in a group without any problems.

Her parents are Sær frá Bakkakoti (8,62) and Spá frá Hafsteinsstöðum (8,03).

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Klöpp frá Miðhrauni