I do not have an arena to train in. What can I do?

Not having a paddock is not a problem. At Pur Cheval, we train our horses outdoors most 80% of the time. What is really important is to concentrate and actually train your horse but not talk to your friends or look at the scenery.

If you have the possibility to, build a fenced 15m x 15m pen (it can be on a field or in an old shelter or barn). In there you will be able to train your horse from the ground, lunge it or practice exercises that do not require a lot of space or speed. One thing you will have to think about is the ground. It should not be slippery and if it is very hard it might be good to only work at the walk, slow trot or slow tölt.

You can also use your pen to heat up before going outdoors. This will be a great way to make sure your horse is calm and listening to your aids.

Once outdoors, your only limit is your imagination. Find a place where you can work on the circle, practice leg yielding in front of a wall or around a big tree, slalom between the trees in the forest… soon you will see that every object is an opportunity to better your horse.